Fraud Alerts
Understanding Card Breaches.

We’re a strong advocate for our members’ account security.

All of your accounts and card transactions are monitored and secured by Proponent 24/7. However, when you make a purchase your payment data information is temporarily stored by the retailer. If that retailer experiences a data breach, this may cause your card to be compromised.



Equifax breach information

Recently Equifax, one of the major credit bureaus, announced the compromise of millions of people's personal data.

As your advocate, we're prepared to assist and continue to keep your accounts secure 24/7.

To read about how Equifax is handling the compromise, click here.


Data Breach Close

A data breach is a security violation which results in sensitive, protected or confidential data being copied, transmitted, viewed, stolen or used by an unauthorized individual. In the case of retailer data breaches, this often includes unauthorized access to payment card data.

We advise you to be proactive in monitoring your account and to notify us immediately if you experience any suspicious activity or fraudulent transactions.


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Protect yourself from Scams

Don’t become a victim. Every year millions of people are defrauded thanks to clever crooks who use technology and age-old tricks to get people to send them money or provide them with your personal information. Make yourself aware of current scams by visiting the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website.

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