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Guard Against Identity Theft.
Steps for prevention and recovery.

We’re a strong advocate for our members’ account security.

All of your accounts and card transactions are monitored and secured by Proponent 24/7. However, when you make a purchase your payment data information is temporarily stored by the retailer. If that retailer, or if another one of your financial insitutions, experiences a data breach your personal informartion may be compromised.

Find additional security tips on our Member Education page.

Keep track of recent data breaches.

When you make a purchase using a card, your payment data information is temporarily stored by the retailer. If that retailer experiences a data breach, this may cause your card to be compromised. Financial institutions can also fall victim to data breaches. Customers of the following retailers and financial institutions had their information exposed due to recent data breaches.

  • Capital One: August 2019
  • Sonic Drive-In: August 2018
  • Saks Fifth Avenue: April 2018
  • Lord & Taylor: April 2018
  • Panera Bread: April 2018
  • Chili's: March/April 2018

What is a data breach?

A data breach is a security violation which results in sensitive, protected or confidential data being copied, transmitted, viewed, stolen or used by an unauthorized individual. In the case of retailer data breaches, this often includes unauthorized access to payment card data.

Suspect you've fallen victim?

Don't panic, as your advocate, we've put together a guide to navigating any recent credit card breach. Here are some steps you can take to monitor your credit report.

Monitor Your Account

Log in to Digital Banking and review your statement for suspicious charges.

Check Credit Report

Free annually at (beware of “fake” free credit report sites)

Security Freeze

Placed by credit bureaus, will set up PIN for credit report access by lenders

Fraud Alert

Placed by credit bureaus, will require permission for lenders to open new accounts

Identity Theft Protection

Services are available including Triple Bureau Credit Monitoring

SMS Guardian

Added Peace of Mind with Text Message Alerts

Enroll in SMS Guardian and receive text message alerts helping you to quickly identify possible fraudulent transactions. With SMS Guardian, you’ll receive a text message alert anytime your card is used Internationally, for any transactions over $100, for transactions where the card is not present, for usage out of state, and for any declined authorizations.

Emergency & After Hours

Card Activation
800 411 6390

Lost or Stolen
800 682 6075

Denied Transaction
888 526 0404

Fraud Verification
800 417 4592

Need to discuss with an advocate?
We’re here to listen at 800.457.8058.