Specialty Savings

Save & Deposit Money.
Savings with Proponent

Savings accounts for specific purposes.

Whether you’re saving for the near or distant future, for yourself or someone else, Proponent has an account to help you reach your goals.

Custodial Membership Account

Taking care of future generations’ finances.

Similar to our Regular Share Account, this type of account is intended for Members with children and grandchildren under the age of 18. It is a helpful way to help them save for things they’ll need when they grow up, like a first car or even a college education.

Please note that the minor is the owner of the funds, and their social security number is used for tax purposes. The adult Member is the Custodian of the money, and is the only one who can access the balance until the minor turns 18 years old and the account is turned over.

  • Unlimited deposits/withdrawals
  • Interest calculated daily, credited monthly
  • Higher tiered interest available with Pro Custodial Savings
  • Quarterly statements by mail or web *

* Monthly with a companion checking account, semi-annually for inactive accounts

Recommended for :

Members who want to help someone start saving at an early age.

Pro IRA Savings Plans

Traditional, Roth, & Coverdell

An IRA Savings account is one of the best retirement savings tools available today. Because IRA Savings accounts are federally insured by the NCUA, they make a great choice for anyone who is looking for a low or no risk way to save toward retirement. Furthermore, you can contribute to an IRA Savings account even if you have a 401(k).

Proponent offers several Traditional and Roth Certificate options, allowing for your IRA savings to grow faster.

To open an IRA, please call 800.457.8058.