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Perks & Protections

Benefits exclusively available to each Proponent Credit Card.

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Mobile Accessibility

Use & keep track of your visa with Apple Pay & MyCardRules.

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Services & Support

Assistance for your Proponent Visa.

Member Benefits on all our cards.
No-Fee Balance Transfers
Transfer outside balances without paying a fee.
Cash Advantage
Withdraw cash at your standard purchase rate with no fee.
No Annual Fee
Never pay an annual fee.
Earn rewards points for Amazon, Target and more!

Perks & Protections


Tap on the icons to learn more about each feature exclusively available to Proponent Visa cardholders.

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Payment by mobile

Apple Pay

A new way to pay with your Proponent Visa Credit and Debit Cards. Enjoy all the benefits of using your Proponent Cards with Apple Pay via your iPhone. It’s as easy, secure, and private way to pay with a simple Touch.

Get Complete Control with MyCardRules.

Set your card security preferences.

Your advocate is happy to provide added card security through the MyCardRules app for iOS and Android. Turn your card on & off, set transaction alerts, control purchase locations and more.

Service & Support

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Perks & Protections

Call Member Support for immediate assistance at 800 457 8058.

Monday to Friday
9:00 am – 6:00 pm

9:00 am – 12:00 pm

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Emergency & After Hours

Log in to Digital Banking to view Emergency and After Hours contact numbers.

Travel Notifications

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For your security, we recommend letting us know when you are traveling so your card is not declined.

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    *APR = Annual Percentage Rate. The APR may vary due to an individual’s credit worthiness. After account opening, rate may adjust and is determined by adding a margin to the Prime Rate. For details, please reference Proponent Visa disclosure.